Hello Gophers


Hello Gophers is a Risk2Earn Metaverse risk protocol game that rewards players based on random odds. A game where you can stake your NFT to earn daily yield rewards or steal another player's NFT and impose a tax on their rewards based on the rarity of your NFT. Each decision made by players will carry a certain risk and reward. Players will be able to decide if they want to take the chance to win it all or risk losing everything. Hello Gophers is a collection of 10,000 Gen 0 and unlimited number of Gen 1 Hello Gophers NFT generated on the Harmony ONE blockchain. Each NFT will be randomly generated from a smart contract with a variety of unique traits.

A Medieval Game of Gophers

Hello Gophers is an innovative medieval NFT game where players can earn SHARDs as rewards, tax on other players' rewards and steal other players' NFTs & SHARDs. It's a race to farm as many SHARDs as you can to build your own kingdom and rule over other gophers. Players can collect and trade their Hello Gopher NFTs on NFTKey Marketplace. Players can meet and battle new players or join them on adventures. Engage in a fun and exciting game as you enter GopherLand.

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