Beginning of the rebellion. Enter the great war between the peasants and the royals. Royals, who are descendants of noble houses, have more power and a lot more resources. They have an advantage in defeating the peasants. The greedy King who loves to count his gold and hoard it. Not caring for the plight of his people this evil king taxed what little the peasants had leaving them starving and on the brink of ruin. Hello Gophers carries risk tokenomics mechanics for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that allows your NFT to steal other NFTs (HRC-721) for you. The rarer your NFT is the more assets you are able to steal. When you mint a Hello Gopher NFT, you will either get a peasant or royal gopher and you are able to stake both classes of gophers to earn rewards. Newly-minted gophers will also have a 10% chance of getting stolen by the Royal Gophers.

Stake Your Hello Gophers NFT

You can stake your peasant gophers to earn SHARD tokens as rewards and anytime when you claim rewards, you will have to pay a certain amount of tax based on each staking pool. This will be your payment to the royal kingdom. When you unstake your NFT, there is a chance that you will either receive all your rewards or risk getting your rewards stolen by the greedy Royals. When you stake your Royal Gophers NFT, you will be able to earn the tax that is paid by the peasants to the royal kingdom. Gen 1 Gophers will also have to pay a 5% tax to Gen 0 Peasant Gophers & 35% to Royal Gophers. You will also have the ability to steal all the SHARDs rewards when a peasant unstakes their NFT. There are evil Royal Gophers lurking around the kingdom and they will kidnap other gophers to sell them as slaves. Royal Gophers can also invade other kingdoms and rule over their people. Whenever a Gen 0 or Gen 1 gopher (peasant & royal) is minted, staking your Royal Gophers will give you a chance to steal that NFT based on the rarity of your Royal Gopher and the amount of NFTs staked.

Staking Pools

There will be NINE (9) different staking pools to stake different characters based on their hierarchy. Amount of rewards received will increase from a Beggar to a King. You can also earn more rewards as the level of your gopher increases (Leveling Up Your Gophers ).

Staking Pools based on hierarchy rank: 1. King (Castle) 2. Queen (Royal Garden) 3. Priest (Church) 4. Swordsman/Archer (Training Yard) 5. Huntsman (Forrest) 6. Merchant/Chef (Bazaar) 7. Blacksmith/Carpenter (Workshop) 8. Fisherman/Farmer (Market) 9. Beggar (Streets)

Leveling Up Your Gophers

Gophers can be leveled up by using SHARDs. A gopher with a higher level will have more benefits. For instance, a higher level Peasant Gopher will be required to pay less tax to claim rewards, receive higher daily rewards when staked and a lower unstaked stolen percentage, while a higher level Royal Gopher can earn more tax that is accumulated in the staking pool. Each time you level up a Gopher, you will need to pay 130,000 SHARDs and these SHARDs will be burned. Currently the max level that your gopher can reach is level 10.

Royal Gopher Royal Ranking Score

A Royal Gophers Royal Ranking score is based on its hierarchy ranking. A Royal Gopher with a higher Royal ranking score will have a higher stealing chance and will receive more rewards.

Example: The Royal Ranking Score for a King, Queen, Priest and Swordsman/Archer is 6, 2, 1.5 and 1 respectively.

If there are 100,000 SHARDs accumulated from the tax that the Peasants pay to the Royal Gophers in the staking pool. The rewards received by the Royal Gophers Staking Pools will be 52,173, 17,391, 13,043 and 8,695 SHARDs for the King, Queen, Priest and Swordsman/Archer in their staking pools respectively.

When a new Hello Gophers NFT (Peasant or Royal) is minted, the chance for the Kings, Queens, Priests and Swordsmans/Archers to steal that NFT will be 52.17%, 17.39%, 13.04%, and 8.70% in their staking pools respectively.

As stated above, the total rewards received by all Kings in the Castle Staking Pool will be 52,173 SHARDs. A King will a higher level will receive more shards. Example: There are 2 Kings of different levels staked in the Castle Staking Pool. A Lvl 9 King will receive 46,955 SHARDs while a Lvl 1 King will only receive 5,218 SHARDs.

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